Building Effectiveness in Your Company Profile

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Building Effectiveness in Your Company Profile

A company profile serves the purpose to briefly outline about the company. Simply put, the company profile provides answers to 'who we are', 'what we do' and 'who make us'. Communicating about us with clients is viewed as a single purpose of a company profile. However, a company profile also serves to acquaint prospects and partners about whom they are dealing with.

A guide for an employee when he is asked, "What company are you working for?" and an easy reference for media when they need to publish about you.An insipid profile not only fails to engage the audience but irrevocably damages your reputation as a company to do business with; work for; talk about. On the contrary a well-crafted profile will converse with your audience such that they get to know you, understand the value you deliver and are ready to make first contact.Here are a few pointers to build effectiveness in your company profile:

1. Actualize Personality - Look beyond your services and products. Sketch your company's profile with tone, language and style of writing. Company Profile is a great platform to characterize how and why your company is. Including details on what your company stands for, what is the organization culture drives readers' perception of who you are. By adding a human perspective such as social contribution or deeply felt value, the audience connects to your company as they connect to people.Here's an Example: Excerpts from Profile of Innocent Drinks - "We want to create a business we can be proud of. And we want innocent to become a global, natural, ethical food and drinks company, always remaining commercially successful and socially aware."

2. Establish Credibility - Providing accurate information about the company through milestones, history and road map establishes credibility of your company. Avoiding generic, obtuse or hype while communicating your profile builds trust and entices a potential to know further on how they can be associated with you. For a newly established company or start-up, it is beneficial mention about accreditation, certifications or achievements of both company and individuals. A well-written and accurate Company Profile clearly conveys the credibility, authenticity and an insight of your business to all key stakeholders.

3. Celebrate Uniqueness - By stating your unique value proposition, or explaining your team's credentials or prestigious awards that the company has received, or who is funding your venture helps your company to substantially differentiate from competitors. A portfolio that is enviable also creates a positive impact. In short, spread the news of all your valuables to seal the deal, hire a prospect and free media coverage.An accurate and articulate Company Profile exuberates the personality, credibility and uniqueness of your company for an impactful beginning to an endearing relationship.

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