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Web design is used to describe any of the various tasks involved in creating a website. It refers to jobs focused on building display side of what you will see when accessing a website (Front-End).

The web consists of thousands or websites linking to each other with hyperlinks, presenting information using different languages and technologies. There are two basic elements to any web page found on the Internet. The first is what the user interacts with, usually visually and ties into user interface design, while the second is what the website is made of and what the web designer makes, that includes information for website browsers.

The basic mark-up language used to tell a browser how to present information is called the HTML (Hypertext Mark-up Language). Using HTML or XHTML(extensible Hypertext Mark-up Language), a web designer is able to tell a browser how a web page should appear and what to do when an action is made. In the last few years, there has been a push towards separating the underlying structure of a web-page (using HTML) from the visual presentation of the site (using Cascading Style Sheets or CSS). This approach has a number of major benefits in both the short and long term, and it is gathering popularity as time progresses.

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